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 Trampoline PADS BENEFIT

OUR Trampoline pads are a must for any trampoline park .They are padded with expanded polyethylene foam. They allow to protect and to receive the customers of the playground. These protective mats are located on the edges of the trampolines and delimit the jumping zones. Our pads  is made of a soft and resistant material ideal for a quick and easy installation.

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These protective pads are designed according to a risk analysis based on the trampoline parks business standards and validated by a control organization to guarantee your customers a safe and fun experience.

This model of Trampoline pads is 100% customizable with your brand image park. These pads made of two designs on too design close with zipper and  Velcro( hook and loop ) to  Easily visible and flexible thanks to their foam padding .to Flexible and adjustable for contacted to the frame we make it flexible pads design with 1″ webbing or Velcro hook & loop or flap with Velcro .

If you own a trampoline, you are aware of how crucial it is to maintain it. Using our Trampoline pad (cover), is one way to achieve it. This cover can help your trampoline park last longer by shielding it from the elements damage.

Trampoline safety pads are necessary for the protection of kids while they jumping, as they serve a vital purpose that must be connected to the trampoline. it constructed to keep the springs concealed and protect both the trampoline and the rider.

States Canvas offers you the greatest trampoline pads in a variety of sizes and materials to guarantee the security of youngsters.


Trampoline MAIN COURT:

Partner with Fun Spot to create a custom-designed main Trampoline park pad court thats worthy of a centerpiece position in your  park. Custom color mats and Trampoline pads boldly and uniquely show off your brand, and angled walls, Trampoline park slides, mini cubes and other fun attractions will keep little kids and grown-up kids simultaneously safe and inspired to get their wild on.


We believe everyone should experience the rush of a major slam dunk. Feeling the arc of the ball gliding through the hoop while flying through the air is just a bounce away with the Fun Spot basketball attraction. Give your community the gift of a memorable and brag-worthy slam dunk when you add our popular basketball attraction to your Trampoline park court.


Add a whole Trampoline park pads new dimension to the time-honored game when you bring people together for friendly, active and laugh-out-loud fun. Featuring middle ramp-up surfaces and multiple styles, Extreme Dodgeball supports mega-active play in a safe, visually stimulating space that’s totally customizable to your Trampoline park pads brand and architecture.


Keep your experienced jumpers challenged with the power to walk on walls and nail tricks performed on and off the wall. Keep your Trampoline park pads brand strong with big bold graphics build right in.

Safety Pole Pad – Round 6 Foot Tall:

This 6 foot tall wrap-around pole pad is perfect for round playground poles, slide poles, and shade structure poles. These Pole Pads are designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

Pole Size Diameter choices:

  • 2.5 Inches (7.875 inch circumference) 

  • 3 Inches (9.5 inch circumference)

  • 4 Inches (12.5 inch circumference)

  • 5 Inches (15.75) inch circumference

  • 6 Inches (18.875 inch circumference)

  • 7 Inches (22 inch circumference)

  • 8 Inches (25.125 inch circumference)

Color choices (click Here) or (click Here) or (click Here)

Made with rain and sun resistant materials and are tough enough for any playground Super easy for adults to put on and take off.

Our safety pole pads are made with a high quality 1″& 2″ thick foam padding, a durable all-weather polymer fabric (Weather MAX) and sewn together with bonded polyester thread. Both our fabric and thread are resistant to UV exposure, microorganisms, rot and mildew.


**This item is estimated to leave our facility in 23 weeks from date of purchase

This item is custom made and is not eligible for returns

This item can not be canceled after 24 hours from the date of purchase**

Other pad 

1. A range of sizes and perfectly tailored styles:

You can pick the ideal shape and size to match the Trampoline park pads.

2. Minimize dangers:

Due to its protection of the trampolines steel springs and frame, you will have a safe Trampoline park free from risks or injuries.

3. Premium components:

The pads were made by our professionals from premium materials.

4. Long-Lasting Safety Trampoline Pads:

The safety pad will be kept in place and steady around the trampoline frame by an Velcro hook & loop or 1″ webbing band wrapped around it on top and bottom.

5. An absorbing shock:

Even when several kids are jumping at once, it absorbs any shocks.

6. Materials for water-resistant trampoline pads:

Outdoors and indoor  is the ideal location for trampolines, so don’t worry about the rain because the majority of the materials are waterproof. and storing.  

7. Simple to set up:

It only takes a few minutes to fasten this spring cover to your Trampoline park pads using the straps underneath. or Velcro  hook & loop.

8. Safety precautions:

All jumpers may jump with Expanded polyethylene foam confidence thanks to our safety pads since they know they won’t get their legs caught in the springs because they were built with safety precautions in mind.

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