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States Canvas Manufacture


States Canvas is a family-run business that specializes in producing custom canvas and vinyl goods and offers contract sewing services to a range of businesses. For our consumers, we are dedicated to providing the best canvas and vinyl fabric products possible along with outstanding customer service. We believe we can provide the greatest quality and service for the lowest price by focusing on understanding the needs of our customers and utilizing our numerous sources within the industry. All of our products are created in the USA. To receive a free quote for your canvas needs, contact our Allen Park office by phone, email, or in person.

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Our collection of marine fabrics provides the best defense against mildew, UV fading, and water and salt damage. By selecting the appropriate fabric for the job, you can help your customers spend more time on the water. Shop a variety of boat fabric by the yard for seating, boat tops and covers, and other uses. Use the appropriate marine equipment and tools.

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keeps a staunch commitment to quality control. In order to do this, our engineering department, sales and estimating teams, and production shop supervisors must all communicate well. This has been developed over time since we are aware that it is essential to both the production process and ongoing education in order to increase quality and efficiency. For cut and sew tasks, states canvas offers a comprehensive service approach. As a contract sewing business, we’ll collaborate with you on everything from product prototypes to large-scale manufacture that’s tailored to your production objectives.

Digital Fabric Cutting

**The most effective technique to maximize material utilization, maintain consistency in precision shape cutting, and reduce turnaround time is through digital fabric cutting, which will also help you save time and money.

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