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You stay warm and protect your spaces from the elements with clear vinyl curtains.

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With products including patio shades, deck shades, porch shades, sunscreens, patio enclosures, outdoor deck enclosures, mosquito curtains, wind curtains, and more, we assist businesses in protecting outdoor spaces.


If you’ve ever been to a restaurant with outdoor seating, you are aware of how pleasant it can be to eat outside with family and friends on a lovely day. Our roll-down outside shades are perfect for restaurants to employ on rainy or chilly days.


Our clear vinyl curtains may also shield outdoor diners from breezes coming off the water. Outdoor patio enclosures are fantastic for restaurants and pubs near lakes or on the beach.


Easy to roll down are patio enclosures. or up, these clear patio curtains and outdoor patio enclosures for bars and restaurants make outdoor dining a pleasant experience. We offer cost advantages and huge savings because we own the factory.


Take advantage of factory direct pricing and the lowest prices on high quality, clear vinyl curtains and patio enclosures for bars, restaurants and commercial businesses.


Our patio enclosure sales and outdoor patio blinds design team can communicate with you in your preferred language, whether you are a purchasing agency or an architect.


Our patio enclosure finance team has experience dealing with a wide range of businesses, including corporate franchises as well as neighborhood taverns, restaurants, golf courses, resorts, and hotels.


Choosing the appropriate transparent patio curtains the first time is essential to preventing time and money sinks from appearing on your porch, particularly with budgets growing smaller and the difficulties of running a successful business being what they are today.



Your firm will save a lot of money if you install patio enclosures correctly the first time.

Commercial products

  • Heavyduty outdoor curtains or waterproof

  • clear vinyl curtains

  • patio Drop Shades

  • Wind Blockers curtains

  • custom Pavilion enclosures 

  • high-quality mosquito curtain

Commercial products

  • wind blocker curtains 

  • clear vinyl curtains

  • Plant Protection

  • Custom Sun outdoor  Shades

  • Custom mosquito curtains

  • Gazebo Curtains

Commercial products

Benefits of Patio for Your Home and Businesses

The most important feature of a heavy-duty outdoor panel is its level of protection against rain and other weather conditions, including thunderstorms.


Installing one of these structures should allow you to use your outdoor spaces all year round without worrying about water damage. For the best protection, top-quality manufacturers use heavy-duty vinyl and a weatherproof design that seals your outdoor areas tight and safely.


Heavy-duty outdoor plastic enclosures are usually rated with an Ingress Protection of around IP66, which is what you should look for.

Commercial Curtains are essential for all business types and States Canvas offers you this chance to create a design with all specifications that you need for your business. So, you can get Commercial enclosures in your own way.


You have a variety of options in materials, colors, sizes, and designs; along with that our experts will  help you with the best options that suit your business.

Enclosures Patio & Porch Enclosures Types


 Curtains Porch Roller clear vinyl:


They can easily be raised or lowered to any desired height with the help of a rope and pulley system. Clear vinyl porch roll up curtains are an inexpensive way to create extra living space during the cooler months and transform your porch or room into a year-round sunroom .See our Canvas Porch Roller Curtains if you want to protect your porch while getting some privacy or sun protection.





Curtains Porch Sunbrella Fabrics:

Acrylic cloth with solution dyes is called sunbrella. Highly UV stable coolers have been infused throughout the fibers. with a bleach solution, even the toughest stains are easily removed. Because the color penetrates to the fiber’s core, fabrics won’t lose their color. Sunbrella is naturally resistant to the development of mildew and mold. Before it becomes ingrained in the fabric, brush off any dirt and debris. There is a 10-year warranty on Sunbrella.



curtains Serge Ferrari Fabrics :

Serge Ferrari’s fabrics are a solution dyed acrylic. We offer Serge Ferrari’s in 5 solid colors, Dark Blue, Burgundy, Beige, Forest Green and Grey. Serge Ferrari’s consistent quality and vibrant colors are backed by a 10 year warranty.
The high-performing awning fabric provides a range of benefits. It brings long-term durability, UV capacity, heat and weather protection, and color retention. Engineered with Serge Ferrari’s Précontraint® formula, the awning fabric gives excellent structural stability. Composed of a coated polyester scrim, the fabric is mildew repellant, heat sealable, and easy to clean.

Curtains TextilenFabrics: A rope and pulley system is used to roll up and down outdoor patio curtains. Adjust the height to your preferred level. The curtains can endure gusts of up to +70mph thanks to optional bottom tie-downs and side fasteners. You can see through the Textilene fabric’s tightly woven mesh, which also offers seclusion and shade. Your patio or porch will remain dry thanks to the tightly woven mesh. Even in the heaviest winds and rain, the tight weave, though not entirely impermeable, barely lets drips through

Curtains with vinyl strip: Industrial blackout curtains and blinds made to order that can help your business space manage light. have a variety of risky places. Utilize safety barrier curtains and screens to keep your facility protected from dust, debris, chemicals, and other hazardous industrial activities.



Industrial Curtains:

Curtain Walls Keep Employees SafeMany actions carried out  in industrial settings pose risks to workers, therefore it’s crucial to ensure that they are aware of their safety at all times. Our safety curtain walls will block a wide range of toxins, preventing exposed personnel from coming into contact with them. These safety curtains have applications in a wide range of sectors.

Customize for Your Barrier Curtains: States Canvas can create industrial curtains with particular heights, widths, and materials according on your unique safety requirements. We offer a variety of curtain wall barriers, some of which are especially made for specialized uses, such as accordion fold curtains,

Warehouse Divider Curtains: We supply industrial warehouse partition curtains for warehouses of all sizes and shapes. We can provide standard vinyl warehouse curtain partitions to separate spaces, or insulated curtain walls perfect for creating temperature zones and controlling humidity.



Paint and Spray Booth

Curtains: Paint booth or spray booth curtains are often used in auto body shops and automotive preparation areas to isolate paint fumes and other hazardous chemicals from other areas of the warehouse. Curtains are usually made with transparent windows, eyelets, and pockets at the bottom for attaching chain weights. Washroom curtains, also known as washroom curtains, are also often used in applications where pressure washing is used for cleaning.

Garage Divider Curtains: If you’re looking for the best garage partition ideas, you’ve come to the right place. The best way to divide space in your garage is with states canvas garage divider curtains. Our garage partition curtains are cost effective and easy to install.


Commercial Fabric Curtains: Freestanding movable curtains are a particularly adaptable option for both short-term and long-term curtain needs. Everything you need to assemble long-span, commercial curtain walls in a variety of shapes is included in our kits. Hospitals and medical facilities, large commercial curtains, freestanding green screens, freestanding fabric curtains, and emargancy divider curtains.and more curtain models are built to order; you can select from different layouts,

Notes:**This item is estimated to leave our facility in 2-3 weeks from date of purchase**
**This item is custom made and is not eligible for returns**
**This item can not be cancelled after 24 hours from date of purchase**

insurance Getting Started-I. Guaranteed Fit Insurance ( 10% surcharge)

  1. Email info@statescanvas.com with rough heights and widths of your curtains or refer to our Porch Protection Curtain Price List
  2. If you decide to proceed, email photos from the side you will install the curtains. Photos should show each area from side to side and top to bottom where curtains will install. You can send several photos and any close up photos needed for areas where you may need customization to the curtains. (i.e. to notch curtain around an outlet or any obstacle)

  3. We will use your photos and send custom measurement forms for you to fill out with measurements. The forms will show you exactly where to measure.

  4. We will then tweak the measurements if needed for a perfect fit.

  5. We will then send an updated quote with thorough explanations of any tweaks, side fastener placements and a mock-up on your photo for design approval.

  6. After approval of designs, we will send an invoice for payment. After payment is received, your project will be scheduled. Estimated ship date will be noted on your invoice or quote.

  7. The Guaranteed Fit Insurance will give you peace of mind knowing you will receive the correct fit for your porch.

  8. In the unlikely event there may need to be an adjustment, we will have UPS pick up the curtain/curtains at your home to be returned to us to modify or make new if needed at no charge to you. Curtains will be corrected and sent back to you ASAP within 3 business days.

Enclosures Fabric and Fastener Options

Outdoor Porch Enclosures for Wind and Hail Blocking 

Enclosures Patio, With products including patio shades, deck shades
Enclosures Patio, With products including patio
Enclosures Patio, With products including patio shades, deck shades, porch shades, sunscreens, patio enclosures
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