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MRI GE Table Pads are the perfect solution. and it is convenient for the imaging technician to be more accurate therefore, Those Table pad which are made of the Polyurethane foam and memory foam to maximize patient comfort, aid in stabilizing patients during MRI treatments. To fill gaps inside MRI bores.

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and It is crucial to use top-notch hospital pads to ensure patient comfort and excellent working circumstances for doctors. We provide personalized foam cushions for medical tables that can be used during a range of operations.

We can make custom X-ray imaging pads to fit the designs of the best table manufacturers in the business, in addition to our conventional X-ray imaging pads.

We can make custom X-ray imaging pads to fit the designs of the best table manufacturers in the business, in addition to our conventional X-ray imaging pads. Some of the top medical facilities in the nation are outfitted by us thanks to our commitment to top-notch service and high-quality table pad manufacturing. Modern emergency departments, maternity wards surgery centers, and private clinics all make use of our hospital table pads.

  To reduce the chance of cross-contamination, a breathable, waterproof polymer cover with nylon-coated stitching is treated with a permanent antimicrobial treatment. For long-term usage, it is stain-resistant and simple to clean with any common disinfectant. without genuine rubber latex.

Tabel pads Product Description

Reusable vinyl-covered bolsters are manufactured from firm, high-density  Polyurethane foam and memory foam.
There are many colors available, and you can choose an outer covering that is durable, heavy gauge, and reinforced (10oz). Vinyl-laminated polyester fabric is flame-retardant to NFPA 701l.
100% MRI-safe Stabilizes patients during MRI procedures Cost effective Extremely durable and lightweight
Standard table pads with a durable medical-grade vinyl cover are fire-retardant, antimicrobial, and anti-fungal. Seams are sewn with antimicrobial monofilament thread for extra durability. Latex free. Two eyelets on each end for hanging when not in use Radiolucent and suitable for any imaging room. Edge seams will show in the x-ray image .Comfortable Foam Pad Your patients will love the just-right balance of cushion and support that this 1″ thick pad offers. Perfect for all routine imaging procedures.
The MRI and table pads are available in three sizes: 1″-2″-3″.
Healthcare & Institutional Mattress Ticking Fluid Proof, Flame Retardant, Anti-Microbial, Tear Resistant, Self-Deodorizing, Easily Cleanable, Anti-Static, and Stain Resistant
Each of our 3LB, 4LB, and 5LB memory foam mattresses is made with a memory foam layer on top of a conventional foam base. An 8″ mattress (3″ top with 5″ base) will provide more support, whereas a 9″ mattress (4″ top with 5″ base) will have increased comfort and body contouring. The memory foam layer softens from body heat, cradling high-pressure areas while supporting low-pressure areas. Also, the material is hypoallergenic, reducing your exposure to dust mites and other allergens that may collect in a traditional mattress.


Features of MRI GE Table Pads:

 Patient Comfort Systems: This system ensures durability and patient safety. Patients usually choose the Comfort System over the standard table pads.

  • A permanent antimicrobial agent: This feature prevents the growth of 99.9% of harmful bacteria and gives more safety to the patient.

  • Exceptional radiological qualities: These qualities perform very clear scan photos, which help in the diagnosis.

  • Economic and investment prices: It has lower prices, so it helps in investments.

  • Match the standards of most countries: These standards contributed to making it widespread all over the world.

  • MRI GE Table Pads are Easy to use: It’s very easy to use these pads due to their simple instructions of use.

  • Advanced waterproof material: The material covering the pads is made from special waterproof materials that help while sweating.

More Details 

We provide personalized foam cushions for medical tables pads that can be used during a range of operations ,Choose the foam pad for a medical table that best meets the needs of your practice. Our states canvas table pads are ideal for lengthy treatments due to the slow recovery foam that was used in their production.

Our polyfoam hospital table pads are a more cheap choice for short medical procedures and are used for a variety of medical specialties, including radiology, urology, and more. We’ll make custom foam surgical table pads for you based on the dimensions of your medical equipment in a range of sizes to match the most popular table models now available on the market.

aid in maximizing patient comfort while taking up the fewest amount of room inside the bore.

obtainable in three different foam types to meet your needs.

Basic:  One inch A surface made of opencell polyfoam provides enough of cushioning for comfort for brief study. Antimicrobial, radiolucent, bacteriostatic, and flame-retardant are all properties of blue vinyl cover. Ultrasonically and stitch-free welded seams are fluid-proof.
Premium: T-Foam, sometimes referred to as memory foam, provides the best pressure relief. A 1/4″ closed-cell foam bottom that prevents bottoming out is placed on top of 3/4″ T-Foam. Reduce skin shear with this anti-shear Royal Blue elastic cover, which also allows for better body surface approximation. bacteriostatic, radiolucent, flame-retardant, and antimicrobial. fluid-resistant weld seams.
Superior: 1/2 thick Without adding additional depth, closed-cell foam with a smooth vinyl coating lessens pressure and bottoming out. Dense foam provides stable, durable MRI Wedge Positioners .

Instructions for Use – Cleaning instruction for David Scott Company Mattresses, Pads, and Straps

Cleaning Instructions: 

To ensure prolonged use of David Scott Company pads and straps please follow the below cleaning protocols.

1. Inspect pad before and after use to make sure there are no compromising defects

2. Use of disinfectant solution OTHER than those listed below may cause discoloration or deterioration of pad surface           

  • Coverage® Plus Germicidal Surface Wipes Disinfecting/Deodorizing/Cleaning Wipes

  • Quaternary Ammonium Compound (Quits) with Isopropyl Alcohol solvent

  • Quaternary Ammonium Compound (Quits) with IPA + 2-Butoxyethanol solvent

  • Quaternary Ammonium Compound (Quits) + Biguanide

  • H202 (Hydrogen Peroxide)       

  •  Neutral Cleaners                   

3. The Use of H202 + PAA (Hydrogen Peroxide + Peracetic Acid) is strongly discouraged 

4. Allows Follow manufacturer’s instructions for concentrations and use of cleaning products

5. Ensure no excess fluids remain on pads during and after cleaning

6. If recommended cleaning products are not available in your area, use a neutral disinfectant or disinfectant with sodium hypochlorite solution (.1% or 1000 parts per million available chlorine)

For special considerations such as large volume blood spills, contamination or exposure to high-risk tissue and fluids, pads may be cleaned with an intermediate to high level distinction dilution rate of 10% or 1:10 dilution rate of household bleach as recommended by CFC and AORN guidelines. Please note this is not recommended for routine use and requires a damp cloth rinse post cleaning

Please note:

all fabric and  vinyl covered positioners are not radiolucent as the seams will show in imaging.

How to place an order:

choose the foam Table Pad Thickness: 1″ or 2″(click Hear ) or(click Here )

  • if you need to add on the top table pad Memory Foam (click Here)  Table Pad Thickness: 1″ or 2″

  • for table pads & pillow  to chose the color and fabric (click Here) &(click Here)

  • for pillow only chose color and fabric (click Here)

  • for table pad caver 10 oz. or more Vinyl Laminated Polyester(click Here) &(click Here)

  • for more information (click Here)

  • for custom make to add  more hardware (click Here)

This product is made in the US. We are able to complete an order doesn’t matter how large or small. If you like to know more about it or if you have any questions about our services, hurry up and contact us!

Proudly Made in USA

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